Sit Up Assistant

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,999
Strengthen your abs and core muscles easily from the comfort of your home!

Engineered for accessible exercising anytime and anywhere you want, the  Sit Up Assistant is designed with a strong suction cup that allows it to be attached firmly to the floor to provide a safe and stable hold for your workout. Not only is it perfect for sit-ups and push-ups, but it can also be used to exercise your arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs, abdomen, waist and even your buttocks!

Sit-ups can be repetitive and remind you of your school gym classes. However, with the  Sit Up Assistant, you can be sure of never getting bored with your exercise routine again

Features and Uses

  • Durable and stable build The Sit-Up Assistant is extremely well-built and stable on account of the sturdy iron metal frame which is capable of withstanding your rigorous and extensive workouts.

  • Multi-functional usage It allows you to carry out a large number of exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, planks, abdomen exercises, and entire body workouts.

  • Portable and Safe This sit up bar comes with a reinforced construction cup that attaches itself securely to the floor. This allows you to undergo your workouts and training routines safely. Not only is it extremely safe, but you can also easily carry it with you on your travels. So wherever you go, your health is never compromised.

  • Adjustable and Usable on all hard surfaces Three adjustable positions for different foot sizes and workouts. Suitable for smooth surfaces like tile, concrete, marble, and wooden floors. 

Specifications for Sit Up Assistant

  •  Materials: Cold rolled steel + Foam Rubber
  • Size: Diameter 5"

Specifications for Sit Up Assistant 2.0

  •  Materials: Advanced suction cup- steel base
  • Soft Handles
  • Size: Diameter 5


Use our Sit-Up Assistant to work out your abs, obliques and back with multiple different exercises such as closed grip pushups, Russian twists, planks, cobra stretches, leg raises side plank extensions and scissor kicks.

 It's for the ones just starting their health journey to the veteran athletes looking to intensify their training and everyone in between. Our home-gym products are compact and minimal, working your entire body without the need for additional weights or bulky machines. Our products are customizable, so no matter your fitness level, you'll be able to challenge yourself and reach your goals. With a strong focus on functional training, natural movements, and back-to-basics principles, you'll feel empowered to keep moving and keep pushing the limits.